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Assisted Living

One of the most important programs we offer at The Montecito Santa Fe in Santa Fe, NM, is our assisted living option. Assisted living offers a number of great services for our residents:

• Health Monitoring—We will monitor your loved ones health at all times in our assisted living facility. We keep track of medications so that you or your loved one never misses one again. We have doctors available for regular checkups and we can treat all preexisting health conditions.

• Meals—We have a great chef on our staff who will provide three individualized daily meals for our residents. We take into consideration personal tastes and dietary needs to not only ensure health but also give our residents meals that they love. These meals can be taken in private rooms or in our exquisite dining rooms where you or your loved one can socialize with other residents.

• Great Living Space—Our assisted living program allows our residents maximum input when it comes to their living spaces. You can create any type of look and style to fit your personality. Each of our assisted living residents have private bathrooms, kitchenettes, and large living spaces to maximize comfort and freedom.

You will not find a better-assisted living program in the Santa Fe, NM area than The Montecito Santa Fe. We are more of a resort than the usual assisted living facilities, allowing for freedom and well being in all our residents. If you are searching for a great program for yourself or a loved one, turn to us right now!